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Advanced Membrane Separation for Key Ingredient Purification, Clarification, Concentration

GPT is a manufacturer and supplier of efficient and robust effluent treatment plant in India catering to meet stringent needs of food and beverage industry.

We provide wide range of membrane process solutions for selective removal of nutrients, concentration of juices, milk, beverages, liquid food, product purification and waste minimization.

GPT’s membrane products offer numerous advantages for the concentrating or separation of beverages and liquid foods, including operation at low temperatures and low pressures that promote high retention of sensory (e.g. taste, aroma, color) and nutritional (e.g., vitamin) value, high rejection, and potentially low membrane fouling compared to pressure-driven membrane processes.

Often the wastewater from food industry contains valuable resources, which directly translates into high COD going into effluent treatment facility and correspondingly increased treatment and discharge costs.

If such wastewater are to be treated with advanced membrane separation using firstly with MBR technology followed by sanitary Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system, resource-rich wastewater can be recovered along with recovery of valuable components. This way customers can avoid burden on ETP and save costs related to valuable resources.

Dewatering or purification by Forward Osmosis process in juices and beverages increases the protein retention and eliminates the need of sugar additives in beverages.

Forward Osmosis also provides more efficient and cost effective way to concentrate proteins from milk and is applicable to both heat sensitive protein and those that are not heat sensitive.


  • Fruit juice concentration 

  • Spent wash treatment, recycle and reuse

  • Alcohol dehydration

  • Protein separation from dairy

  • Extraction of flavours and fragrances from spices

  • Starch production

  • Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment and recovery

  • Whey protein separation/manufacturing

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