Forward Osmosis

Forward Osmosis

Forward Osmosis (FO) is a novel membrane-based water treatment process in which semi-permeable membrane separated by different salinity mediums generates water flux across membrane and thereby recovering water from various mediums. Due to numerous process and operational advantages over conventional technologies, FO can be a promising alternative to various applications such as sea water desalination, zero liquid discharge and water recycle from complex feed streams.

As FO is mainly using osmotic pressure- generated by creating concentration gradient across membrane- to extract clean and fresh water from high salinity feed stream, there is no need to apply additional hydraulic pressure on a feed side (like RO).

The feed stream water recovery is accomplished using draw solution in FO process which eventually gives concentrated feed against diluted draw solution. The reconcentration of draw solution is an essential step for the continuity of integrated operation. Depending on draw solution TDS various technological options are considered to regenerate draw solution such as RO, NF or membrane distillation (MD).

Typical areas of application for Forward Osmosis (FO) process are sea water desalination, zero liquid discharge, water recycle and reuse, dewatering of high value product stream etc.

GreenPebble Technologies’ patented hybrid FO combines of Forward Osmosis process with Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis (RO) or MD system for draw solution recovery. Draw solution selection and subsequently recovery method of draw solution depends on application, feed water quality and product requirement. Our few pilot and commercial tests showed successful outcomes to our clients in achieving more than 75% of water recovery and 50% reduction in energy consumption.

  • Advantages of Forward Osmosis (FO):
  • High water recovery
  • Low operational pressure
  • Simple, easy and integrated design
  • Minimized waste
  • Low energy consumption per unit of water recovered
  • Low capital investment
  • Low operation and maintenance costs
  • Less fouling and scaling
  • Longer membrane life
  • Ability to treat complex wastewater
  • Modular structure
  • Applications:
  • Industrial Wastewater Recycle
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Sea Water Desalination
  • Produced Water Reuse
  • RO Reject Minimization
  • Brine Concentration
  • Concentrating Juices and Beverages
  • Concentration of Skim Milk and Dairy Products

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