Hotel and Hospitality

Hotel and Hospitality

Hotel and Hospitality

Sewage Treatment Plant for Hotels and Resorts

Hospitality sector utilizes huge amount of water. Many times such wastewater contains variety of constituents that require special attention. Therefore it is very important to design and build sewage treatment plant that addresses the concerns of effectiveness, reliability and sustainability.

Wastewater from hospitality sector contains mainly organic constituents, oil, grease, suspended solids and BOD. GreenPebble Technologies offers variety of solutions to effectively remove such contents to bring discharge to permissible limit by employing various primary and secondary treatment methods such as coagulation, flocculation, dissolved air floatation, activated sludge, membrane bioreactor, clarifiers etc. .

In order to achieve desired level of water quality for wastewater recycle application, GreenPebble Technologies uses array of technologies such as regular effluent treatment plant followed by screen filters, sand filter, activated carbon bed, cartridge filter, UF membrane, RO, ozonation, UV etc.


Our solutions provide various benefits to sewage treatment plant such as;

  • High capability to handle various levels of flows and organic load
  • Wide applicability – from kitchen grease waste to laundry chemicals
  • Integrated and modular design
  • Simple design and flexible operation
  • High water recovery

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