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GreenPebble Tech offers some of the most advanced membrane process solutions for extreme conditions. We are an efficient and reliable wastewater treatment plant manufacturer meeting ever growing challenges of oil and gas industry. 

Produced Water Treatment and Recycle

The produced water from oil extraction is made up of carry-over from oil reservoir that is normally located above the layer of water along with injection water supplied during the production.  

The nature of produced water is extremely complex which contains organic, inorganic and suspended solids. Due to heavy contaminants load, it is necessary to adequately treat and bring the quality of water as per discharge norms set by regulatory authorities.

With existing technologies, it is advisable to convert produced water that is fit for re-injection purpose and be reused again. Possible technologies that can be utilised for the same are: 

– Primary treatment using sedimentation, coagulation and flocculation

– Media filtration using sand and activated carbon

– Micro – and ultrafiltration membrane system

For wastewater recycle/reuse or resource recovery projects, we offer advanced Sustainable Brine Shrinker (SBS) system using Forward Osmosis (FO) process that effectively delivers its objectives with minimal energy consumption and chemical use.


– Oil Water Separation

– Produced Water Treatment and Recycle

– Primary Treatment for Suspended Solids Removal

– Raw Water Treatment Plant Solutions

If you want to learn more about SBS for oil and gas industry, and would like to get free evaluation of your requirement, please contact us. 

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