Chemical Industry

Manufacturer and Supplier of Effluent Treatment Plant in India for Chemical Industry

It is critical that chemical process industries are required to maintain process water reliability and environmental regulatory compliance of industrial waste disposal or wastewater recycle.

GreenPebble Tech’s carefully developed and designed membrane filtration portfolio helps chemical industries to achieve their desired goal of sustained growth without compromising sustainability and economic feasibility.

We provide holistic approach to address waste minimisation at source and thereby improving resource utilisation. 

GPT is a wastewater treatment plant manufacturer and provider of wide range of membrane filtration products, chemicals, filters and consumables that can deliver on following:

– Raw Water Treatment 

– Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) using MBR Technology and Forward Osmosis (FO) Process

– RO Reject Management with ZLD 

– Effluent Treatment Plant and upgradation


Our creative solutions goes through rigorous laboratory to pilot testing, detailed statistical data analysis and commercial assessment giving reduced risks and increased profitability.


Relevant Technologies:

– UF

– RO

– MBR Technology

– Forward Osmosis

– Membrane Distillation


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