Pharmaceutical and Life Science

Water and Wastewater Treatment using Membrane-based Advanced Separation

We provide highly specialized membranes and membrane products that offers improved flexibility, reliability, sustainability and operational efficiency for the pharmaceutical and life sciences market.

GPT is also a manufacturer and supplier of sustainable and reliable effluent treatment plant in India catering to meet stringent needs of pharma and healthcare industry.

Our membrane products can be effectively utilised to replace centrifugation, separation, dewatering, extraction, fractionation that is typically being done by conventional and often energy intensive processes.

Our advanced membranes and filters also offer enhanced performance efficiency for selective separation of biochemical and biomaterials for biotechnology applications.

Below are several application areas where our products are being used:

– Raw Water Treatment Plant for Ultrapure Water Generation

– Product Purification

– Pharmaceutical Water Polishing

– Bioproducts Concentration and Fractionation

– Wastewater Treatment Plant for Effluent Recycle and Reuse 

– MBR Technology for Resource Recovery

– Forward Osmosis for ZLD

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