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Advanced Membranes for Wastewater Recycle and Reuse

GPT is an innovative membrane-based solutions provider and a manufacturer of effluent treatment plant in India. We provide array of dedicated membrane products and plant systems such as UF, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR Technology), RO, Forward Osmosis (FO) etc. to treat and make condensate suitable for recycle and reuse purpose. 

Often condensate generated from thermal evaporator or ZLD system contains elevated levels of volatile organics and other low boiling point components.

In order to make, evaporator condensate fit for recycle or reuse purpose, it is necessary to treat with polisher membrane systems.

Advantages of GPT’s Polisher Unit

– Modular and integrated operations

– Energy-efficient with low pressure requirement

– Less fouling and cleaning issues

– Excellent product water quality

– Minimal operation and maintenance costs

– Improved water recovery

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