Water Filtration Membranes

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Water Filtration Membranes

Separation, Purification, Concentration or Recovery of Valuable Resources

GPT is a leading water and wastewater treatment manufacturer focusing on providing advanced membrane separation solutions.

We design, develop and manufacture various types of sustainable and innovative membrane and membrane systems for sewage and effluent treatment plant in India. 

Our sustainable and efficient chemistry allows us to make energy-efficient, improved and reliable membrane products for various types of water treatment plant systems. Some of the unique features having added functionality allow our membrane products to generate cleaner water with minimal energy and chemical consumption.

We serve diverse applications across industries of various kinds. Some of the examples are ChemicalsPharmaTextilesPaper and PulpFood and BeveragesPetrochemicals, MiningSugar and Distilleries etc.

Membrane Products

Our main focus is to provide sustainable and efficient membrane solutions for water and wastewater treatment to meet UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Our advanced membrane separation portfolio provides reliable and integrated  treatment solutions to meet the demands of clean and safe water.