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Water Treatment Chemicals

Water and wastewater treatment sector consumes numerous chemicals in order to achieve efficient and environmentally-compliant standards for industrial waters. 

There are several chemicals that help remove impurities and contaminants from feed sources. These chemicals are added to water to improve its quality and converts raw water suitable for drinking or industrial uses.  

The type of water treatment chemicals depends on the nature of specific impurities and contaminants level in the raw water.

GPT offers wide range of chemicals and compounds to meet various objectives related to water and wastewater treatment.


Below is several examples of various water treatment chemicals;

  1. Coagulants and Flocculant: As the name suggests, coagulants are used to stick smaller particles and impurities together converting them into lumps- which are easier to remove by sedimentation or filtration. Floccullants converts suspended solids to clumped and largr flocks which allows them to be easily separated by filtration or sedimentation.

  2. Disinfectants or Biocides – They are used to eliminate harmful pathogens, bacteria and viruses from feed water sources. Chlorine or Chlorine based chemicals are most common disinfectants used in water treatment. 

  3. pH Adjustment Chemicals- They are used to adjust the pH of water to the desired level. 

  4. Antiscalants or Scale Inhibitors – They are used to inhibit the deposition of hardness or scaling precursors in membranes, filters, pipes and equipment.

  5. Sand Filter Media and Activated carbon – They act as a filtering media or adsorbents. They are used to remove suspended solids and organic compounds from feed sources.

  6. Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) Chemicals- They are used to clean membranes, pipes and equipments from scaling deposites or fouling after several cycles of operation.

  7. Bioculture and Micronutrients- These are the chemicals or bio-based compounds that are used to improve biological aeration process. They mainly aid the growth of microbial colony in aeration ponds or maintain desired concentration levels of microbs to achieve biological degradation. 

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